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      Jiaxing City Huayang Textile Dyeing and Finishing Co.,Ltd.

          Jiaxing City Huayang Textile Dyeing and Finishing Co.,Ltd. was set up in 2002.The company is located in Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain in north Zhejiang province,in the west of Shanghai 90km,in the east of Hangzhou 90km,in the north of Ningbo 100km,in the south of Suzhou 90km,and close to Shaoxing about 70km.It has a very convenient transport facilities,like railway, highway, waterway, and airlift.

          Main fabric:super soft fabric,velour fabric,fleece velvet fabric,micro velboa fabric,suede fabric,golden fabric,mesh fabric,polyester tricot fabric,corduroy,etc.Our company's fabrics are wildly used on home textile,toys, sofa,shoes,garments,slippers,etc.

          With a professional team, strict management, excellent equipment,innovationm enterprising spirit ,we tries to make huayang brand. we could make a wonderful development and mutual benefit with you by great cooperation!,look forward to becoming your future supplier.Best Regards.

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